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624 Moore Street
Bristol, VA 24201

Mike Hofius is a native English and Spanish speaker. Born and raised in Central America, he grew up speaking both languages. While living in Guatemala, he taught English as a Second Language to Guatemalan students of all ages, from First Grade through University levels. He has also given business owners and managers private lessons in English.

In the United States, he has served as an interpreter in liaison / negotiation situations as well as for Spanish speaking public speakers. On many occasions this has involved simultaneous translation. He has also translated legal, technical, and personal documents from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish.

Michael is currently employed by the Bristol, VA schools system as an English as a Second Language tutor. He also tutors English speaking students who require help with Spanish as a Second Language.


  • English as a Second Language tutoring.

  • Spanish as a Second Language tutoring.

  • Conversational Spanish for beginners.

  • Document translation.

  • Interpreting for Public Speakers.

  • Medical and legal interpreting.

  • Simultaneous translation.