1. Who has the book? -- Roberto has it.
2. Who can lend me $5? -- I can lend it to you.
3. When did Carlos speak to Dr. García about the exam? -- He spoke to her about it on Friday.
4. Which present did you give your mother? -- I gave her the radio.
5. When can you help me to wash the car? -- I can help you to do it this afternoon.
6. Who all told them the story? -- We told them.*
7. When did you wake up this morning? -- I woke up at five.
8. When did you wake up your roomate? -- I woke him up at 5:30.
9. When did you marry your husband? -- We got married last month.
10. Who brought you the flowers? -- My son did.*
11. Did you all enjoy the movie? -- Yes, we enjoyed it alot.
12. Does he like parties? -- Yes, he does.*
13. Who saw us? -- Nobody saw you all.
14. Do you understand what he's saying? -- No, I don't understand anything.
15. Can you show me the contract? -- Yes, I can.*
16. Can you tell me again when the exam is? -- I'm not telling you again.*
17. Do his feet hurt? -- Yes, they do.*
18. When are they presenting him the award? -- They are presenting it after dinner.
19. Can you help María with her homework? -- Yes, I can.*
20. Did María clean the house for her mother? -- Yes, she did.*

*Note that the English answer can leave off some or all of the direct/indirect/reflexive pronouns. You must include them in Spanish:
Who gave you the ring? Eduardo did. [He gave it to me.]
¿Quién te dio el anillo? Eduardo me lo dio.


1. Mario, who was working at Krogers, was very nice to talk to.
2. Carlota, whom we met at the party, is an engineer.
3. Roberto, to whom we spoke at the party, is getting married to Carlota.
4. Carlota's brother, about whom we know nothing, is in jail.
5. Haley Center, which is the tallest building in town, is falling down.
6. Auburn University, which my sister attends, is in Alabama.
7. Samford Hall, whose clock chimes the hour, is the oldest building on campus.
8. Foy Union's Cafeteria, at which we eat every day, is too small.
9. The woman we spoke to yesterday said that the man she worked for wanted to speak with me.
10. The TV personality I like the most is Al Roker. The one my wife likes the most is Matt Lauer.
        Whom do you like?
11. The person I depend on the most is my best friend, whose advise is very important to me.
12. It is difficult to understand the reason why the government, which we elect, does nothing for us.
        Yes, it is very difficult to understand. Indeed it is.
13. Where is the videotape we bought for $5? It's on the shelf, under which you'll find the VCR.
14. They don't eat meat, which is good for them. What do you mean by that?
15. The secretary we are looking for has a program that can translate from Spanish to English.
16. The computer my parents gave me for my birthday doesn't work, which is frustrating. Yes, I know.
17. All in all the situation we find ourselves in isn't as bad as the one for which we suffered last year.
18. The news, which depresses me, consists of all the bad things in the world.
19. All of my friends are working for good companies, which give them good benefits.
20. What bothers me the most is that the goal we are working toward is not the one that the company is behind.